Chicken Breast Cobb Salad Skewers

Chicken Breast Cobb Salad Skewers

Prep Time

20 Mins


Makes 9 skewers


1/2 head lettuce, cubed into one-inch pieces
9 slices Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast
9 pieces cooked bacon
9 sliced hard boiled eggs
9 grape tomatoes
Blue cheese crumbles, for garnish
Blue cheese dressing, for garnish

How To Make

  • Take a skewer and thread one lettuce cube, one slice of Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast, one piece of bacon, one half of a hard boiled egg and one grape tomato.
  • Place the skewer on the plate. Repeat process until all skewers have been formed.
  • Garnish tops with blue cheese crumbles and drizzle blue cheese dressing on top.
  • Enjoy!