Havarti Dill Turkey Wraps

Havarti Dill Turkey Wraps

Prep Time

15 Mins


Makes 4 1 inch wraps


4 10” wraps
¼ cup Mayo
1 tbsp Mustard
4 oz Havarti Dill Cheese
12 slices Roasted Turkey
1 pint Sprouts

How To Make

Arrange the wrap on a clean work surface.
Whisk the mayo and mustard together in a bowl. Spread a thin layver over a 3” section in the middle of the wrap, leaving a ½” on the edge.
Place the cheese in a column in the center of the mayo. Fold the turkey slices in place over the cheese and a scant handful of sprouts on top.
Carefully fold up one edge and then, starting from one side, wrap, using your thumbs to hold the filling in place.
Cut in half and serve.
These can be made in the morning, covered, stored in the fridge and served at lunch.

Chef’s Note: Use healthy wraps to boost this recipe! We tested with a wheat bran and flax seed wrap for this recipe.